Reading Objectives Whiteboard

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Available for grades 2–8

Reading ObjectivesQueue is proud to announce a new way to present and work with our great material–on your interactive whiteboard! The Reading Objectives whiteboard series contains the same material found in our workbooks. Combined with our workbooks, the Reading Objectives whiteboard series is an effective tool to keep your entire class engaged. Its interactive features can promote student participation and input.

System Requirements: Windows XP (SP2 or later), Vista, or Macintosh OS X (10.2.8 or later); 1 GHz, 1 GB RAM recommended.

Sample Screenshots

Reading Objectives Whiteboard  Reading Objectives Whiteboard  Reading Objectives Whiteboard

Product Codes for Reading Objectives Whiteboard

To better facilitate the ordering process, please use the following product codes when placing your order.

Grade Stand-alone Workbook Package
2 QWB 2037 QWB 2037A
3 QWB 2038 QWB 2038A
4 QWB 2039 QWB 2039A
5 QWB 2040 QWB 2040A
6 QWB 2041 QWB 2041A
7 QWB 2042 QWB 2042A
8 QWB 2043 QWB 2043A

Prices and Ordering Information


Stand-alone program: $249.00 per title
(includes Mac/Windows CD and printed Teacher Edition)

Workbook Package: $399.99 per title
(includes class set of 25 student books, 1 Teacher Edition)

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Queue workbooks are copyright protected. Workbooks may not be photocopied or duplicated.

Teacher editions may not be purchased separately. You may purchase 1 teacher's edition for every 15 student workbooks of the same title.

Contact Queue sales by phone at (800) 232-2224 or by fax at (800) 775-2729. You can also download and print out our order form. Ordering information can also be found on our Policies page.