Interactive Whiteboard Versions

So you’ve got yourself a great new interactive whiteboard. Technology is wonderful, isn’t it? But now what? What are you supposed to DO with it?

Imagine receiving a brand new SUPER hammer that can hammer 10 times faster than a traditional hammer. Well, that’s fantastic, but you still need the nails!

The fact is, even the most dynamic tool is of little use without the proper materials to go along with it.

And by "proper", we don’t mean any old materials you can find. Rusty old nails won’t get the job done. You need professional-grade materials. Queue has got the professional-grade interactive whiteboard programs you need to maximize the real utility of your whiteboard.

We offer interactive whiteboard programs in a full range of subject matter and grade levels – Mathematics, English Language Arts, Reading Comprehension, Science – we’ve got them.

These are resources that will enable you to grab the attention of your students, provide powerful instruction, and be a more effective educator. Scroll down to see the whiteboard titles that we currently offer.

Demo Videos

Select a video below to see just some of what our interactive whiteboard versions have to offer.
Demo video for Mac users
Demo video for PC users