Educators Praise Our Workbooks

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General Comments
Language Arts and Reading

General Comments

I have reviewed the three Grade 4 MCAS Preparation workbooks. Overall, I found them very student-friendly with plenty of room to work. The Composition Pathfinder would definitely engage students and have them spend additional time looking back into narratives in search for strong language and correct grammar. This practice, in turn, should work with their own narrative writing. The Rise & Shine English Language Arts workbook is set up in very usable themes/topics. I especially appreciated the Immigration unit! Thank you for allowing me to review these titles.

Barbara Luby
4th Grade Teacher

We had previously gone with another company for CRCT review materials to offer to our parents for use at home. However, after hearing about Queue, Inc. we decided to preview their materials. We received them very quickly and the quality of the materials was wonderful. When we placed the order for the books from the parents the customer service provided by Queue was amazing, our order was processed quickly, it was accurate and I have received nothing but positive comments from my teammates from letting them know about your company. My principal stated that we would DEFINITELY order from them again.

Melissa Adams
3rd Grade Teacher
Live Oak Elementary

We have been very pleased with the service and products that we have received from Queue. I especially appreciated the follow-up call to see if everything had arrived in good order and to see if there was anything else that we needed. That in itself spoke volumes about Queue's commitment to quality customer care!

Scott A. Bedenbaugh
Curriculum Facilitator
Westminster Elementary School - A Title I School, SC

These books have been wonderful aids for supplementing and reviewing for the NJ ASK. I've been using these workbooks for quite a few years now and not only are they extremely worthwhile, but they are a very good investment.

Iona Friedman
Grades 6–8
TJ Middle School, NJ

I was most impressed at how "kid" and "teacher" friendly they were. To be precise, a lot of workbooks are very wordy and lack sufficient practical work items that provide rigor for the students. Your workbooks have only one or two problems per page that are easy to read, get right to the point, AND challenge the students. I was delighted. They are among the BEST that I have ever seen.

Tamara Queen
Fourth and Fifth-Grade Teacher
Huntersville Elementary, North Carolina

Since we have implemented the usage of the Queue ASK3 and ASK4 Reading, Language Arts, and Math workbooks in our regular and supplemental curriculums, we have seen a dramatic increase in our ASK test results in all areas.

These workbooks reflect and are aligned with the New Jersey Core Content Curriculum Standards and our District initiatives.

Michael Schiavo, Principal, West Orange, New Jersey

We used the books to look at elementary and middle school EOG preparation. We were quite pleased with the content, level of questioning and rigor.

Tisha Perkins Greene
Executive Coordinator for PreK - 12 Curriculum and Instruction
Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, Charlotte, NC

I was pleased with the materials I received. They were clear and concise and matched the areas that we test. I am going to recommend that we purchase some of the books for MCAS prep next year.

Paula, Massachusetts

Your books are really great. . . . I have been well pleased with the workbooks. I serve on the Curriculum Committee for my school.

Dana, North Carolina

Yes, I was very pleased. The information is great, perfect for review of the SOLs. The [reading comprehension, mathematics, Virginia history, science, vocabulary, editing and revising] content is excellent.

Margie Brinson, fifth-grade teacher, Virginia

The books are all on task and meet Ohio's indicators!! I am trying to talk our boss into purchasing more!!

Kathy, Ohio

The workbooks look great. I am recommending that our school purchase them for next year.

Janice, New Mexico

I am extremely pleased with the workbooks. I think they will be very useful to prepare my students for the MEAs.

Nancy, Special Education Teacher, Maine


Good morning! I am Lester Michaud, Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator for three small school districts in northern Maine. When I returned to my Maine School Administrative District #33 (MSAD 33) office this week, I was pleasantly surprised to find a box containing two of your math workbooks; one for grade 4 and one for grade 7. I reviewed these documents and found them to be of high quality and very pertinent to our work in helping our students increase their achievement levels in math on the Maine Educational Assessment (MEA).

Forwarded the two books to the respective grade-level teachers. This morning I received a response form the grade 7 teacher. She was beyond herself with impressed. I suggested she go to your web site and explore . . . your catalog.

So, I'm just writing to say THANK YOU for thinking of us. I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing from us again in the form of orders for additional resources—and not only in math, but in other content areas as well.

Lester Michaud, Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator, Maine

Language Arts

This past January our Board of Education decided to enact a Saturday Test Prep class.  All students in our special education program were invited to attend.  I was asked to teach the Language Arts portion of the class.  I utilized Queue’s NJ ASK 6-7-8 Language Arts Literacy books.  It is with great pleasure that I am writing this to tell you that our students performed wonderfully on our state tests.  Our district met all our AYPs and I had several students whose scores improved 35+ points when compared to the previous year.

Thank you for this wonderful test preparation tool.  I look forward to continuing to use of Queue’s products with all of my students.

Denise R. Callahan
Resource Center Teacher
North Arlington Middle School

The Reading materials were great and grade-appropriate.

Michaelene, Ohio

The [reading] comprehension [workbook] for high school is very thorough. . . . I am having conversations with the high school literacy folks about how to best use these.

MaryAnn, Kansas

[The Grade 6 MEA Reading] seems very useful and very much like the test it's meant to prepare for.

Elizabeth, Maine

We really fell short in that area [Editing and Revising]; however, we are off the failing school list, and I owe it to your publications – they are fantastic! I will be ordering more texts from you when I begin my CMT Prep in January.

Sandy Carey
Department Chair, Language Arts and Reading


I received one review copy of Grade 8 Science CMT Prep. The book is very thorough and I am currently sharing it with my Grade 8 teachers.

Joyce, Instructional Resource Teacher for Science, Connecticut