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Available for grades K–6

Understanding ScienceThese graphics-intensive Understanding Science workbooks offer lesson-based activities in a variety of typical elementary and middle school science topics.

Understanding Science A is an excellent early-learner resource for introducing kindergarten and first-grade students to the basic concepts of scientific thinking. Fully illustrated and engaging, this workbook offers simple exercises with minimal reading needed to answer each question. Activities relate to such topics as following simple instructions, living and non-living things, light and dark, exercise and growth, and electricity. Students will also demonstrate what they've learned by taking an end-of-book practice test.

The Understanding Science B workbook asks students to put forth their own ideas, explain patterns in results, analyze graphs, classify, compare and contrast, and perform other fundamental scientific thinking tasks. A variety of exercises and situations are presented, each of which gives students the opportunity to practice applying what they've learned in a number of ways: choosing the correct answer from a set, matching, graphing and plotting, short-answer, illustrating, and by other means. Particular emphasis is put on scientific inquiry, especially in the areas of planning investigations, collecting evidence, recording investigations, and making conclusions.

The Understanding Science C workbook follows the same format as Understanding Science B. It is designed to prepare students in the following areas: life processes and living things; materials and their properties; physical properties; scientific inquiry. Students will be asked to consider such topics as friction, evaporation, explaining results, using evidence to reach a conclusion, and predicting.

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A QRS 4000 QRS 4001
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C QRS 4004 QRS 4005

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