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Available for grades 2–6

Practice in ScienceThese graphics-intensive Practice in Science workbooks are each broken up into units of six targeted topics. Within each topic, constructed-response, matching/grouping, and fill-in-the-blank questions are presented.

Students will improve their knowledge of important scientific principles while increasing their ability to identify key concepts, apply their understanding of scientific forces and properties, and provide relevant examples. Topics vary from level to level:

Health and Growth; Variation; Plants and Animals in the Local Habitat; Grouping and Changing Materials; Using Electricity; and Forces and Movement.

Teeth and Eating; Helping Plants Grow Well; Characteristics of Materials; Rocks and Soils; Magnets and Springs; and Light and Shadow.

Moving and Growing; Habitats; Keeping Warm; Solids, Liquids, and How They Can Be Separated; Friction; and Circuits and Conductors.

Keeping Healthy; Life Cycles; Gases All Around Us; Changing State; Earth, Sun, and Moon; and Changing Sounds.

Interdependence and Adaptation; Micro-organisms; More About Dissolving; Reversible and Irreversible Changes; Forces in Action; and How We See Things.

Sample Pages

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Product Codes for Practice in Science

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Level Grade Level
Student Code Teacher Code
A 2 QRS 4006 QRS 4007
B 3 QRS 4008 QRS 4009
C 4 QRS 4010 QRS 4011
D 5 QRS 4012 QRS 4013
E 6 QRS 4014 QRS 4015

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