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High School ScienceThese new science workbooks are excellent tools for test preparation at the high school level. They were created in collaboration with a teacher/author recognized for developing curriculum and for heavily involving students in the process of learning science skills.

Each workbook includes over 130 multiple-choice questions and more than 40 open-ended questions for high school students needing practice in the areas of life science, physical science, and earth science.

Provides multiple-choice and open-ended questions on Geological Systems, the Universe, and the Environment.

Includes practice questions on the following topics: The Structure of Living Things, Genetics, Evolution, Diversity of Living Things, and the Environment.

Topics covered by practice questions in this book include Matter, Force, and Motion and Energy.

For more comprehensive practice, educators can purchase either the entire workbook with all three subject areas included, or three separate workbooks with the same material but in a more manageable, focused layout.

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Product Codes for High School Science

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Title Student Code Teacher Code
High School Science QWK 4224 QWK 4225
High School Earth Science QWK 4500 QWK 4501
High School Life Science QWK 4502 QWK 4503
High School Physical Science QWK 4504 QWK 4505

Prices and Ordering Information


High School Science (includes all three volumes sold separately below)

15-29 Student Workbooks: $11.95 ea.

30+ Student Workbooks: $10.95 ea.

FREE Teacher's Edition for every 30 copies of a single workbook title purchased

Additional Teacher Editions: $14.95 ea.

High School Life Science, Physical Science, or Earth Science

Student Workbooks: $8.95 ea.

Additional Teacher Editions: $11.95 ea.

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