Life Skills Reading

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Available for grades 5–7

Life Skills ReadingThis workbook focuses on reading the ordinary everyday documents and materials that we must all be able to read and understand.

Topics include People Who Help Us, Things We Use at Home, Things People Use in Their Jobs, Things We Do, Signs, Changes, In the Supermarket, What Would You Need, Using a Calendar, Birthdays, Reference Books, Maps, Using a Dictionary, Using a Contents Page, Understanding Advertisements, Notices, What Are We Talking About, Observing, Giving Answers, Understanding a School Timetable, What People Say, Following Directions, Things People Say to Us, Things We Use, Getting Around, Forms, The Department Store, Understanding Advertisements, The Supermarket, Places Around Us, Signs, Reading and Understanding—Calendar, Understanding a Book’s Table of Contents, Using a Dictionary, Using the Telephone Book, Observation, Using a Reference Book Index, Newspapers, Understanding a Bus Timetable, Reading Maps, Everyday Messages, A Questionnaire, and Understanding Labels.

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