History of American Literature

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History of American LiteratureTo understand the full scope of American history, one must acknowledge and respect the significance of the ongoing undercurrent of artistic contributors. Students should be encouraged to think and explore the world of literature. An appreciation and understanding of fine works of classic literature, poetry, and essays, as well as the development and contribution of the literary segment of our population throughout America's history, will serve only to enhance a student's academic career and perspective on the world around him.

This workbook covers literary genres spanning from early colonial times to the late twentieth century. Students will be able to see how the American literary style progressed from the first colonists' limited imitation of their European counterparts to—as our nation's people developed independent, revolutionary thinking—a more established, sophisticated, distinctly American voice.

Throughout the text, several key terms are set in bold-faced type. Students can find definitions for these words in a glossary. Following each subject discussed, this workbook includes several multiple-choice and open-ended questions. These questions are designed to highlight and reinforce important points about what the students have read, and help them to apply reasoning and critical thinking to the topics described. By asking students to immediately recall and consider facts and concepts they've just read about, the aim is to affix in their minds the overall ideas and some of the more essential details of the subject matter.

The reading level of this text ranges from advanced eighth-grade readers to high school level.

Chapters in this workbook are:

Providing students with passages, poems, and essays aligned to the various literary genres discussed here will certainly make learning the history of American literature easier and more compelling. This workbook can also be used as a companion to our workbook series, Readings in American Literature, Volumes I and II, which includes many samples of literary works written by authors noted throughout this book.

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