Mathematics Reinforcement Series

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Mathematics Reinforcement SeriesThe Mathematics Reinforcement Series offers your students approachable, targeted practice exercises designed to help them hone their skills in four areas:

Fractions: What are Fractions?, Recognizing Fractions, Identifying Fractions, Fractions of a Line, Finding Fractions by Shading, Finding a Fraction of a Number, and Finding Equivalent Fractions.

Decimals: Decimal Pieces, Equivalent Fractions and Decimals. Adding Decimals: Subtracting Decimals, Multiplying Decimals, and Dividing Decimals.

Percents: What is a Percent? and 5 Quizzes.

Ratio and Proportion: Working out Ratios, Numbers to Ratios, Equivalent Ratios, Fraction Ratios, and Proportion.

Mass: Units of Mass, Estimating Mass, Converting Units, Adding Mass, Dividing Mass, and Making Mass Fit.

Time: Estimating Time, Units of Time, and Converting Time.

Algebra: Finding Rules, Number Patterns, Solving Problems with Equations, and Finding Variables.

Probability: Coin Toss, Throwing Dice, Measuring Chance, Predicting Spin.

Statistics: Surveys, Sampling, Sorting and Presenting Data, Picture Graphs, Pie Graph, Bar Chart, Column Graph, Histogram, Line Graph, Data Range, Data Mode, Data Median, Data Mean, Analyzing Results.

Length: Units of Length, Converting Units, Metric Conversions, Perimeters, Circumference and Diameter, and Discovering Pi. Area: Area of Rectangles, Area and Perimeter, Area of Triangles, Area of Circles, and Surface of a Cylinder.

Volume: Volume in Cubes, Volume.

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Product Codes for Mathematics Reinforcement Series

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Subject Student Code Teacher Code
Fractions, Decimals, and Percents QNZ 3100 QNZ 3101
Ratio and Proportion, Mass, and Time QNZ 3102 QNZ 3103
Algebra, Probability, and Statistics QNZ 3104 QNZ 3105
Geometry QNZ 3106 QNZ 3107

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