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Available for grades 2–4

The Spelling ToolkitThe Spelling Toolkit workbooks have been compiled from detailed classroom research. They will help students to zero in on specific spelling miscues being made and then assist them in mastering the related words.

Easy-to-follow, simplistic exercises and practice help early-elementary students, ESL students, and those students requiring remedial spelling assistance. Due to the structure and format of these workbooks, lessons could even be assigned for homework, allowing students to work at their own pace outside of the classroom.

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Product Codes for Spelling Toolkit

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Level Student Code Teacher Code
A QNZ 1006 QNZ 1007
B QNZ 1008 QNZ 1009

Prices and Ordering Information


Student Workbooks: $8.95 ea.

FREE Teacher's Edition for every 30 copies of a single workbook title purchased.

Additional Teacher Editions: $11.95 ea.

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Teacher editions may not be purchased separately. You may purchase 1 teacher's edition for every 15 student workbooks of the same title.

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