Excellence in Language Arts

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Available for grades 6–8

Character EducationThis tremendous language arts resource gives students a comprehensive, building-block approach to learning and strengthening language arts skills. Spanning a variety of grade levels, these workbooks can be used for supplemental or remediation purposes alongside an already-developed in-class curriculum.

This workbook is broken into two parts: Instruction and Application. In the Instruction portion, students will review and practice such topics as grammar (punctuation, paragraphs, active/passive voice, etc.); reading comprehension; writing nonfiction (narratives, persuasion, balanced arguments, etc.); and writing fiction (basic story format; characters, dialogue, etc.). In Application, students will utilize their knowledge to complete grammar exercises, read and answer questions relating to reading comprehension passages, and write nonfiction and fiction compositions.

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E QWK 1485 QWK 1486

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