Reading Comprehension LP

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Available for grades 4–7

Reading Comprehension LPThis series of workbooks offers longer and slightly more challenging passages than our other Reading Comprehension workbooks. In addition, the multiple-choice and open-ended questions focus more on higher-level thinking skills – including drawing conclusions and making judgments – and less on details.

Each reading selection offers multiple-choice and open-ended questions designed to assess reading comprehension skills in the areas of both literal interpretation and critical thinking. Open-ended questions will help students learn how to convey ideas and improve their basic writing skills.

Teacher editions for these workbooks provide suggestions for the use of the books, correct answers to multiple-choice questions, and possible responses for open-ended questions.

The material in these workbooks is identical to that found in the remediation Reading Comprehension LP workbooks.

Sample Pages

Choose from the following menu to download a PDF of a few sample pages from one of our Reading Comprehension LP workbooks.

Product Codes for Reading Comprehension LP

To better facilitate the ordering process, please use the following product codes when placing your order. Click here for information on interactive whiteboard versions.

Grade Student Code Teacher Code
4 QWK 1520 QWK 1521
5 QWK 1522 QWK 1523
6 QWK 1524 QWK 1525
7 QWK 1526 QWK 1527

Prices and Ordering Information


15-29 Student Workbooks: $13.95 ea.

30+ Student Workbooks: $12.95 ea.

FREE Teacher's Edition for every 30 copies of a single workbook title purchased

Additional Teacher Editions: $14.95 ea.

Queue workbooks are copyright protected. Workbooks may not be photocopied or duplicated.

Teacher editions may not be purchased separately. You may purchase 1 teacher's edition for every 15 student workbooks of the same title.

Contact Queue sales by phone at (800) 232-2224 or by fax at (800) 775-2729. You can also download and print out our order form. Ordering information can also be found on our Policies page.