English Language Arts Objectives

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Available for grades 3–8

English Language Arts ObjectivesThese workbooks are ideal for those students simply needing more rote practice with mechanical language arts skills, such as how to identify and correct punctuation and usage errors, how to select the proper research resource to use for specific tasks, how to logically reorganize the structure of a paragraph, and much more.

Each book in this series consists of 400 brief multiple-choice questions, each aligned to one or more specific objectives within language arts. The questions fall in one of four domains:

Nowhere else will you find such extensive practice for your students in these areas!

The material in these workbooks is identical to that found in the remediation English Language Arts Objectives workbooks.

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3 QWK 6414 QWK 6415
4 QWK 6416 QWK 6417
5 QWK 6418 QWK 6419
6 QWK 6420 QWK 6421
7 QWK 6422 QWK 6423
8 QWK 6424 QWK 6425

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