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Available for grades 3–8

New Jersey Explore Writing

The Explore CCSS Writing series stimulates responsive strategizing in your students. The workbooks are designed to boost their chances for success on the writing portion of the CCSS test.

These wide-ranging workbooks approach studying and learning the writing process from a unique and critical perspective. The exercises have been designed to help students to first organize their thinking when tackling a writing task, and then to logically craft compositions so that they are clear, direct, and compelling.

Students' confidence in evaluating and revising both their own writing and that of others will also grow as they study how each composition meets or does not meet the expectations of a basic set of writing guidelines.

Sample Pages

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Product Codes for Explore CCSS Writing

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Grade Student Code Teacher Code
3 QXP 2351 QXP 2352
4 QXP 2353 QXP 2354
5 QXP 2355 QXP 2356
6 QXP 2357 QXP 2358
7 QXP 2359 QXP 2360
8 QXP 2361 QXP 2362

Prices and Ordering Information


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